How We Work

Dire Problems, Real Solutions

Our work includes building both clinics and schools for the children who live and play in this needlessly polluted landscape, with the hope that we can kick start long lasting change and healthier lives. In just a few short months, we have been proud to partner with individual and corporate donors to bring real benefits to this community. From collecting donated clothing and toys, to installing donated computers in a new Internet café, we are doing meaningful work that meets the specific needs of this population.

Where in Honduras

Although there are many areas of Honduras in need of support, we began our journey in the town of El Corpus, a small rural mining town which has been decimated by artisanal mining and a lack of resources. So far, our efforts along with your support, have brought education, medicine, toys, school supplies, clothes, computers, and funds to the impoverished people of this town. We are also expanding to the town of Concordia on a collaborative project to restore clean water for 375 families.

Recent Victories

Their Future is in Our Hands

We’re passionate about solving the Honduras crisis in our lifetime, using resources to fund ongoing campaigns and projects. If you’re interested in becoming an effective volunteer and advocate for Step Up For Honduras, please contact us for upcoming opportunities.