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“If your eyes are closed, your heart will never see.’ I was told this by Cardinal Oscar Rodriguez and was deeply affected by his words. My eyes have been closed for many years and now they’re slightly opening. I realize that if no one steps up in this world, there will be no change, so please join us.”

Ernie Valle

— FOUNDER, Step Up For Honduras

Ernie Valle founded Step Up For Honduras in early 2016 and has been working tirelessly on this labor of love ever since.

A contractor by trade, Ernie is solution-oriented and team-focused. In his development of Step Up For Honduras, he has worked with local leaders to strengthen existing community support. He has also quickly learned about (and resisted) the longstanding ills of corruption and graft that have compromised the quality of life for so many Honduran families. He is deeply committed to creating culturally appropriate solutions for a community that has too often been exploited by outside forces and works to ensure that every donation made to Step Up For Honduras is used ethically. Ernie is bilingual, but he is also keenly aware of his status as an outsider. He and his colleagues at Step Up For Honduras listen closely to the on-the-ground needs of the children and families they serve, and work to match those needs with resources like food, clothing, medicine, access to computers and education, and financial donations toward long-term projects, such as an improved school and clinic.

In addition, Ernie is delighted to be spreading this mission to others who want to take part. Already, he and his team have welcomed volunteer students to come see the beauty and struggle of life in Honduras, all while working together to make a real difference in the rural communities that have been overlooked for too long. If you’re interested in volunteering or sharing your resources, please get in touch! Ernie and his team welcome all friends to Step Up For Honduras with open arms.

Together, Ernie and his colleagues at Step Up For Honduras are working to improve the quality of life for indigenous people in Honduras, while helping them protect and sustain their health and safety in the process.

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