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La Niña Lexi

We’d like to introduce you to Lexi. Lexi is 7 years old and lives with her mother and two brothers in the mountains of Cerro de Calaire, which is located in the municipality of El Corpus, Honduras. Since birth Lexi has been afflicted with a rare heart condition. The tissues of her heart are extremely thin causing constant and extreme fatigue. Lexi’s heart condition prevents her from playing with her brothers or enjoying activities other 7 year olds enjoy. Running for more than a few seconds and even simply laughing can completely exhaust her. As if that wasn’t enough for one person to deal with, let alone a child, Lexi also suffers from a cleft lip.

Lexi has been suffering from her conditions for 7 years now. During the summer her situation becomes much more difficult to manage because the extreme heat causes severe fatigue to set in more rapidly. Her skin will turn purple with too much exposure to the sun and the slightest amount of activity. In order to control this situation her mother will give Lexi frequent baths throughout the day to bring her temperature down. The combination of conditions affecting Lexi prevents her from attending school Lexi remains indoors and immobile most of the time to avoid agitating her condition.

For Lexi to begin to enjoy the normal life of a child she will first require 2 operations. First, doctors would need to operate on her heart in order to solve the problem of extreme fatigue that plagues her. Once Lexi recovers from her heart surgery she’ll have the strength to play and enjoy a more active life. She’ll also be able to complete the final surgery to repair her cleft lip These two procedures would be absolutely life changing for Lexi and her family.

Your donations will help completely change Lexi’s life, giving her the opportunity to enjoy a healthy childhood, attending school and playing with other children. She would be able to venture outside to the playgrounds with her brothers without the worry of exhaustion or sun exposure. Lexi will be able to have a beautiful smile that she is proud to show off and that doesn’t cause her embarrassment. Join us in helping bring a new lease on life to Lexi.

May god bless you and your family.

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