Step Up For Honduras Founder Ernie Valle and Vice President Roxana Guevara of Honduras, Visit Children’s Shelter. (VIDEO)

Who Makes a difference in your country? Although it seems as if there will always be a fight between church and state in governments and politics, we should all have a personal say in what we believe is right. This three-minute video is about our meeting with the Vice President of Honduras, Roxana Guevara. She visits with Step Up for Honduras and the children’s/women’s shelter Centro Los Flores, to show her support, love and truly humble charity. This interview is inside their home with Ms. Molina, Ernie Valle and Vice President of Honduras: Roxana Guevara.

Thank you for reading, please share with your friends and family members. And remember: Every dollar given is a tax deduction with a receipt provided! Please help us raise money to build a safe place where children can play and families can gather.

Many Blessings, Ernie Valle.